Editorial March 2019

The fourth generation in Landucci company: our challenge for the future
The Landucci company, with almost a century of experience, perfectly knows the meaning of words such as innovation and reliability in today’s business world.
Landucci’s core business, which is pasta dies, is in the middle and at the center of pasta production. Thanks to a long-lasting and continuously updated collaboration with both production lines and pasta producers, our company offers a wide range of cutting edge solutions for all clients, without forgetting our origins, when inserts were completely made by hand, one at a time thus ensuring a top quality product.
In 1925, Sestilio Landucci, the founder, decided to start his own business, after having worked and developing his expertise in this field. Today, almost one hundred years later, the fourth generation of the Landucci family is still in the business. Being a family company has a great advantage, since the efforts made by the family every day managing work and collaborators is crucial in order to achieve business goals. In addition to this, being a family business is a source of pride, when facing the challenges of a world-wide highly developed market.
Precision, repeatability and durability are the three main features that each product must have in order to leave our factory. This quality has to be maintained over time. That is the reason why the company continuously invests in high-tech machinery and in training of its professionals. Nowadays technology provides working possibility that were not imaginable a few years ago. This is why a totally new working center was installed in our plant in the last months. On the other hand, the importance of the human factor is never neglected: both because it is and, we hope, will always be superior to the machine and also because part of our job, as has been pointed out, is an extremely high-precision finishing touch by our experts on staff.
Our products:
Dies and inserts for any shape of any kind of pasta production: soft wheat, durum semolina, gluten-free, without forgetting snacks production, field that is gaining more and more importance in the last years.
Diewashing machine, with our top-level Power-Jet, which allows to drastically reduce water and energy consumption, along with saving much time in die washing process. But also our top-selling 2002 CL model and diewashers for snack production.
Together with our ever-efficient diewashers, we have been developing a completely innovative system for cleaning the sticks used in long pasta production, that requires more frequent cleaning and therefore can negatively affect the product quality. In order to match easy-to-use and efficient technology, we created our stick-washer machine LVC-SJ, that uses steam technology in order to clean, dry and sanitize the sticks.
Our automatic cutting machines, for short pasta shapes and angle-cut penne.
Bow-tie machines for any kind of production capacity press, completed by a tailor-made layout for every specific need of the customer.
These are just a few of the product range we develop and create day-by-day in our plant. Looking up to the future and always keeping on mind our origins, we aim to increase our presence and improve our knowledge in this fantastic world that is pasta!
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Project “PROCESSI DI PRODUZIONE E RILEVAZIONE IN LINEA” co-financed under tuscany POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
Project “PROCESSI DI PRODUZIONE E RILEVAZIONE IN LINEA” co-financed under tuscany POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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